Rep. Weaver Statement on FY 2025 Budget

Springfield, IL – State Representative Travis Weaver (R-Edwards) issued the following statement in response to the passage of the Fiscal Year 2025 state budget.

“Illinois citizens understand simple budget making, yet many politicians seem to struggle with it. You start digging a hole when you spend money you don’t have, and it is terribly unwise to buy new things when you can’t take care of the things you already own. People understand this, yet politicians must not because that is exactly what this budget does. It raises taxes on Illinoisans already considering a move to a more competitive state and it includes billions in new spending without addressing billions in maintenance backlogs.

“This year’s $53 billion budget is 32% larger than it was in 2020. Our spending spree is simply unsustainable. I am a firm believer that Illinois’s brightest days can still be ahead, but only if we tighten our belts, cut waste, and start respecting the taxpayer. Every dollar spent by the government is a dollar taxed. In other words, every dollar the state spends comes out of the pocket from somebody who earned it. It’s time we start respecting our citizens, honoring the work they do, and being more responsible with how we spend their money.”