Bishop Hill Colony Church Placed on Most Endangered Historic Places List

Landmarks Illinois has placed the Bishop Hill Colony Church on the 2024 list of Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois. The announcement was made during a news conference on Tuesday.

Each of the buildings that comprise the Bishop Hill State Historic Site needs attention, but the Colony Church is in most dire need of repairs, which include a new roof, siding replacement, paint stripping and new paint, foundation work, replacement of rotting wood, new gutters, and plaster repair.

“While it is sad to see these great landmarks on an endangered list, I am so thankful that they are finally getting the attention they deserve,” Rep. Weaver stated. “Nobody is asking for a handout, grant, or freebie—we’re simply asking the state to maintain and care for the buildings it owns.”​

2024 Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois: Press Release | Landmarks Illinois

Landmarks Illinois identifies 2024 Most Endangered Historic Places (

(Photo courtesy Bishop Hill Heritage Association)