Rep. Weaver: Last Minute Election Bill Insults Voters, Lacks Transparency

Springfield, IL – State Representative Travis Weaver (R-Edwards) issued the following statement in response to House Democrats filing last-minute legislation, in the form of amendments to Senate Bill 2412, today. This bill upends the current rules for running for legislative offices while adding three non-binding referendums to the November 2024 ballot.

“This legislation lacks any form of transparency and smacks of self-serving political corruption. All of the issues presented in the referendum questions could be addressed by legitimate legislation being passed in the General Assembly, but instead, Democrats have once again chosen to play political games. The changes to this bill were dropped on us with little notice today in what could only be described as a disingenuous process. This is not how you govern with transparency and accountability.”

Rep. Travis Weaver proudly serves Illinois House District 93. For further information, please call Rep. Weaver’s District Office at (309) 204-6514 or visit his website at