Rep. Weaver’s Statement and Reaction to Governor Pritzker’s FY 2025 Budget Address

State Representative Travis Weaver (R-Edwards) issued the following statement in response to Gov. JB Pritzker’s State of the State and Budget Address February 21:

“Governor Pritzker presented the largest budget proposal in state history today, and it features a $775 million deficit for FY 25 based on existing revenue. It also includes over $1 billion in new taxes and other budget tricks to sustain the uncontrollable spending. The Governor continues to act like everything is sunshine and rainbows in Illinois, and anybody who doesn’t agree with him is considered a ‘Doom Grifter.’ It’s time to get real and talk about accountability. I’m a firm believer that Illinois has massive potential, but we have to get serious about doing things the right way. Republicans will continue to fight against tax hikes, irresponsible spending on immigration, and advocate for a balanced budget that prioritizes critical services for our citizens.”

A video of Rep. Weaver’s remarks following the Governor’s speech can be found below: