FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: State Rep. Travis Weaver’s Statement on Guilty Verdict in Tim Mapes Trial

Pekin, IL… State Representative Travis Weaver (R-Edwards) issued the following statement regarding the recent guilty verdict in the corruption trial of Tim Mapes, long-time chief of staff to former House Speaker Michael Madigan: 

“The corrupt house of cards built by former Speaker Madigan is crumbling,” said Weaver. “Illinois Democrats, in all branches of government, including the administrative state, have ruled with an iron fist. Their lack of a true North Star is finally guiding them to where they belong—behind bars. The people who operated this criminal enterprise must be held accountable. Intimidation tactics, cronyism, and outright theft have plagued our state government, hurting the great people of this state whom they’re supposed to represent. While it is long overdue, it’s refreshing to see justice being served after so many years of deception.”