FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: State Rep. Travis Weaver Condemns Gov. Pritzker’s Veto of Landmark Clean Energy Bill

Pekin, IL… State Representative Travis Weaver (IL-93) released the following statement regarding Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker’s recent veto of a bill that would enhance and strengthen Illinois’ clean energy production.  

“The Governor’s veto of SB76 is extremely discouraging, as this landmark bill would’ve enabled Illinois to build new nuclear energy facilities, bolstering our clean energy production,” said Weaver. “Since 1987, the State of Illinois has barred itself from producing reliable, efficient, and safe nuclear energy, hindering our ability to provide Illinoisans with a reliable clean energy source. I consistently hear from Illinoisans who are, rightfully so, upset about their expensive energy bills as a result of the Governor’s premature shutdown of some of Illinois’s cleanest coal and natural gas plants. Nuclear power generation is a key solution to our energy needs in-which Republicans and Democrats have demonstrated an eagerness to coalesce behind, as it is both clean and affordable. Our billionaire Governor’s rejection of clean-energy cost relief is a clear demonstration he is out of touch with hardworking Illinois families.” 

SB76, legislation that would’ve removed a 36-year-old moratorium on the construction of new nuclear energy plants in Illinois, passed both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly in an overwhelmingly bipartisan fashion, garnering support from both Republicans and Democrats.  

To see the full text, and vote history for SB76, please click here