National Black Business Month: Mr. Glass Tonsorial Christian Institute

To celebrate National Black Business Month, I wanted to take a minute to highlight a business founded by my Chief of Staff: Mr. Glass Tonsorial Christian Institute.

After establishing multiple barbershops, Mr. Glass came to realize the pressing need for proper training in the industry. He quickly realized that relying on local training institutions while investing in top-notch barbershops could expose him to potential liabilities.

To address this issue, Mr. Glass made the decision to create his own institution that would embody the core values necessary to cultivate thriving community barbershops. He understood that turning this idea into a reality would not be an easy task; it would require relentless effort. Despite facing challenges like unfavorable contracts and unwarranted investigations, Mr. Glass fought through and persevered, wrestling to obtain the essential license.

This achievement was crucial in achieving his vision of providing comprehensive training and hand-selecting talented individuals to be part of our exceptional, first-class barbering experiences.